Finally! You can have ONE comprehensive
system for ALL of your bookstore needs:

  • POS and inventory control – anytime, anywhere
  • new, used, and online sales
  • integrated customer communication

Basil Bookseller Software manages all of these functions – and many more – and it’s accessible on any computer with an internet connection. Our software is the only complete inventory control system that supports new, used, and online book sales. It’s also web-based, so your inventory is always accessible and protected. And you don’t have to be an IT genius to use Basil – there is no server to purchase or manage and the software is as easy to use as your laptop.

The all-inclusive Basil Bookseller Software also comes with an all-inclusive, flat monthly price. Ready to simplify your bookstore operations and take your business to the next level? Come on in and learn how Basil can get you there.

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