Basil makes the critical process of adding books simple and efficient. Scan the 13-digit EAN or ISBN and Basil will automatically download the title, author, publisher, publish date, and retail price for you. No CDs required.

Multiple Conditions and Store Sections

Assign multiple conditions per ISBN at varying price points. Put the same ISBN in several sections of your store to reach the most customers with the same title.

Buying Books from Customers

Give buying clerks the right information to make critical inventory purchasing decisions. Basil provides sales information for the title and author of a book to help determine how well it will sell in your store. Basil provides the current on-hand quantity and the Amazon pricing information for the title, including the lowest new, used and collector price, the quantity in each of these conditions, the sales rank, and the average of the lowest 10 prices. This information helps your clerk make a well-informed inventory decision. Set rules as guidelines for your staff to help make the pricing of books more consistent.

Multi-Store Enabled

Basil allows for more than one store to be configured for each customer. Each store operates independently and has its own sections, users, sales, and customers. Customers do have a default store, but can be accessed easily at other locations in the chain to take advantage of their in-store credit, frequent buyer, or customer discounts. Data synchronization isn’t necessary; each store’s operations can be seen immediately by every other store. If a clerk sees that a book is available, she can trust that the data is correct and up-to-date. Sales are also reflected immediately so a manager can view sales throughout the day for each store by running a simple report.


Barcode every item, barcode some items, or barcode no items, and Basil will work regardless of your choice. You decide how your inventory is cataloged based on your store’s needs and environment.

Multi-Media: Scan UPCs for CDs, DVDs, and Games

Basil allows you to scan the UPC on your CDs, DVDs, and video games that you take for trade. Define rules for how these items should be priced just as you would for books brought in for trade. Post these items online to be sold on various markets, including Amazon, Alibris, and others.


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