Passionate Developer
C#, iOS, Android, WinForms (cross-platform)


In this position you will be creating a new mobile platform for our customers. This requires REST API enhancements as well as iOS (potentially Android) and thick client development. We use Xamarin studios for all of our cross-platform development. You will be responsible for various aspects of any or all of the technology stack so you'll jump between the client and server technologies throughout the development cycle.

If you love what you do and you love to write code then we would love to have you as part of our team.


Must have:

  • C#
  • Database experience (MySQL, SQL server, etc.)
  • WinForms experience

It'd be great if you have experience with:

  • iOS / Android development using Xamarin tools
  • TDD / xUnit
  • ElasticSearch
  • F#
  • Elixir, Elm, Erlang

Addico Solutions, Inc.

We are a small resourceful software company with no room for bureaucracy. We are results driven and foster talented developers to focus on building great products and creatively solve real world problems. We have an excellent reputation in the industry and by incorporating 10 years of customer feedback, our product continues to gain market share and shape the industry. We’re smart, get things done and want employees who can do the same.

Why Choose Addico?

  • Earn performance based bonuses and raises
  • Gain senior experience and broader skills to accelerate your career
  • Use 10% of your work time to explore personal endeavors that drive future projects
  • Join a stable, growing team of highly capable and driven individuals
  • Work in an entrepreneurial, high-tech environment where you can impact hundreds of users
  • Be a front office engineer and drive business development
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule with 3 weeks annual leave