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Customized to Your Purchasing Process

Basil is designed to fit your store’s purchasing process. Keep several purchase orders open at one time. Add items to those purchase orders daily or weekly. Use the purchase order workspace to view all sales for a given period and see what is ordered, what was sold, and what was returned for each item all on one screen. Once your minimum order has been met, send it electronically or print a copy and fax it.


Send Purchase Orders Electronically

Basil can send purchase orders electronically using the Pubnet system. EDI documents are linked to each purchase order and are available for review. Acknowledgements from suppliers are processed automatically and each purchase order line status is updated based on the response from the publisher or distributor. Choose to allow or prohibit backorders for each purchase order created. Send purchase orders directly to Baker and Taylor as well as Ingram. Basil is integrated with these major distributors, making ordering simple.


Special Orders

Sell special-order books to customers. Simply click on the special order button during point of sale and the book is added to the customer’s special order list. Manage all of your special orders – know what needs to be ordered, what has been ordered, and what is available to be picked up by your customers.


point of sale

  • Credit card integration
  • EMV compliant
  • Gift cards
  • Split transactions
  • Sale discounts
  • More information

Frequent Buyer and Customer Discounts

Configure discounts per customer depending on your store’s policy. Enroll your customer in a frequent buyer program that is tracked in Basil and applied automatically when making a purchase. Set specific customer discounts that are applied each time they make a purchase. Many stores will offer teacher discounts, for example.



Collect customers’ phone numbers, addresses, and emails to support your store’s marketing efforts. Track every book a customer purchases as well as every book they sell back to the store. Basil allows you to notify a customer when they have previously purchased the same item so as to avoid duplicate copies in their personal library. Basil provides the data and capabilities that enable you to excel in customer service. More information is available here.


Receiving / Returns

Receiving can be done with or without a purchase order for items purchased from a publisher or distributor. Set the appropriate costs and discounts based on the vendor configuration. Override these costs for the receipt or for each individual item. Create any number of vendors or carriers to use in your receipts. Quickly and easily create returns to send products back to the publisher or distributor.


Bookfairs / offsite events

Basil allows you to manage offsite events or book fairs in a number of ways. If your store has an offsite event like an authors signing then Basil can be used in that location if you have a wifi hotspot. Customers have the option of using the normal form of Basil or our new Basil iOS app that can be used as a point of sale terminal in a remote location.

If your store does any kind of book fairs, then Basil gives you the ability to create shipments for the fairs to help manage inventory appropriately. Basil also allows you to receive back these book fair shipments, create a sale for the items not returned and then bill the book fair appropriately.