Sales made Easy

Basil allows you to sell items simply and intuitively. Scan the barcode on the back of the book – either the publisher’s ISBN or the one created in Basil – and the book or miscellaneous item shows automatically. Sell everything from CDs to DVDs and even consignment items. Use UPC barcodes for misc items that you sell in your store. Create easy to remember codes for selling items like coffee (CO), newspapers (NP), or post cards (PC).


Credit Card Integration

Process credit cards within Basil. We are integrated with Cayan, one of the leading online credit card processing companies, and Elavon, one of the leading global payment processors. We provide secure, timely credit card transactions to improve the speed of your sales operations.


GIft Card Integration

Gift cards are important part of any retail operation and as such Basil provides a few ways to manage your gift cards. Basil integrates with ValuTec if you are looking for a way to manage the gift card balances and availability outside of Basil. This is a particularly good solution for those stores who want to allow their customers to use their gift cards online. Basil also offers to manage all of these gift card balances within Basil. You can create your own laminated cards or purchase cards from a vendor and Basil will handle the balances either way. Gift cards are available across the chain so if your store has multiple locations then gift cards will be available for customers at any of those locations.


Automatically Apply Customer Credit

Select a customer during the point of sale and credit is automatically deducted – no calculators or 3x5 cards required. All the information is managed for you within Basil. The credit given for items brought into the store is recorded for each customer and can be applied automatically during the point of sale. Configure rules for your store that determine what kind and how much credit can be used for certain kinds of inventory.


Manage Accounts Receivable

Manage monthly invoices and process payments for special customer accounts, like declining cash balance and credit accounts. These accounts are helpful for parents who want to create cash accounts for their children, and for schools and churches who want to buy on credit and pay at the end of the month.


Split Transactions

Allow customers to use cash, check, credit, or gift cards all within a single transaction. Track credit card transactions for Visa, American Express, Discover, or Master Card.


Sale Discounts

Define special discounts for customers to be applied automatically at the time of sale. Manually assign discounts for whole sale or specific line items. Configure frequent buyer discounts per customer based on sales dollars or sales quantities. Dollar and percentage discounts are also available for all customers.