Linda Ray - Curiosity Shop

“As one of Basil's very first customers, we feel that we have grown with Basil in many ways! Although we sell only new books, Basil has accommodated our needs through the years. Not only can we track our sales and inventory, but now that we have two stores, we can check records for both stores from either location. This is a real plus! We can even move customers back and forth for frequent buyer benefits.”

Linda Ray, Curiosity Shop
(customer since August, 2004)


Jim and Annell Gerson - Bookmiser

“Basil has professionalized our business beyond our expectations. Its greatest benefits to our company are: (1) the ability to search both store locations for requests creating additional sales at each location; (2) a systematic, intelligent process to upload inventory to our online sites; (3) an inventory system that minimizes accepting unneeded and unwanted books; and (4) a smooth POS system that supports our unique used store business and provides easy customer account maintenance (notes, requests, customer purchase and trade records). The Basil team has been supportive and responsive to our growth and system needs.”

Jim and Annell Gerson, Bookmiser
(customer since June 2008)


Linda Bowers - The Book Bower

“Basil bookselling software has been invaluable to me as a store owner. I do not have a retail or book antiquarian background, so as a new-to-the field store owner, I have relied heavily on the information provided about online sales prices when cataloging incoming books. That feature has allowed me to pick out the valuable books that could be priced higher and set aside in the “collectibles” section. Basil has paid for itself over the past four years.”

Linda Bowers, The Book Bower
(customer since July 2008)