What’s Included: Basil vs. Competitors

Many bookseller software programs offer a range of products that limit your store’s ability to perform certain functions and then tack on additional fees for specific services. Basil is all inclusive. Take a look at the chart to learn about all the benefits Basil provides for one low monthly fee.

Features Basil Competitors
Used books sales Included Separate Purchase
New book sales Included Separate Purchase
Online sales Included Separate Purchase
Software Support Included Additional Fee
Upgrades Included Additional Fee
Training Included Additional Fee
Server N/A - Web hosted Separate Purchase
Mobile App Included Not Available
Desktop Point of Sale Included Not Available


Basil’s pricing is simple, straightforward, and competitive:

  • $250 one-time set-up fee
  • Starting at $225 per month (depending on store size, volume, and product type) ... that's it!!
  • No contract
  • No pricey service or support agreements
  • No charge for updates 

To begin using Basil Bookseller Software, you pay an initial, one-time $250 set-up fee that covers the set up and installation of the program as well as configuration of the hardware required for your store. Beyond the set up fee, you pay a month-to-month fee per month that is based on the size of your store, the volume of operations, and the types of products.

Basil’s service fee is charged on a month-to-month basis and can be canceled at any time without penalty.

For customers who choose take advantage of our automated marketplace capability, we charge an additional 1% of gross sales for markets that are managed within Basil.


Basil Lite

We offer a product that has fewer bells and whistles but also a "lite" price tag. Basil Lite offers pricing on a per machine basis starting at $65 per machine per month. You can add online selling to the Basil Lite license for an additional $50 per month. If this is what you are looking for, then take a look at Basil Lite. It has all the benefits of Basil with less functionality, but that may be perfect for your store.