One complete system

Basil Bookseller Software is the one comprehensive system for ALL of your bookstore needs:

  • POS and inventory control – anytime, anywhere
  • new, used, and online sales
  • integrated customer communication

Basil Bookseller Software manages all of these functions – and many more – and it’s accessible on any computer with an internet connection. Our software is the only complete inventory control system that supports new, used, and online book sales. It’s also cloud-based, so your inventory is always accessible and protected. And you don’t have to be an IT genius to use Basil – there is no server to purchase or manage and the software is as easy to use as your laptop.

The all-inclusive Basil Bookseller Software also comes with an all-inclusive, flat monthly price. Ready to simplify your bookstore operations and take your business to the next level?

Basil offers access to your system from anywhere, power in it's features and functionality, ease of use and a pricing structure that has changed the way Bookstore Software is sold.



Access your inventory anytime, anywhere with Basil. Our cloud-based software updates your inventory in real time, so it is always up-to-date, whether you’re in store, at an off-site event, or at home. Basil also provides your customers with better access – let them know exactly what’s in your inventory and alert them when a book arrives



Basil is one program for all of your inventory and transaction processing needs, whether you sell new, used, or online books. It integrates with the largest new and online selling platforms, including Amazon, Alibris, Pubnet, Edelweiss, and Above the Tree Line.



You can be trained and ready to use our software in three hours. Sign up today and your business will be ready to use Basil tomorrow, even with multiple stores. Our software is easy to use and streamlined – complex functions can be completed in just one step.



Our month-to-month pricing is competitive and all-inclusive. You pay one flat, month-to-month price for the use of our software and customer support. No contracts, no obligation.


How does Basil compare

Features Basil Anthology UBIC
Cloud based X
Real Time Inventory X X
Remote Inventory Access X
Month to Month Pricing X X X
One Software for All Needs X
Free, Ongoing Support X
Server Purchase Required X X
CDs Required X X
Mobile App X

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