Our Story - How Basil came to be

In 2002, brothers Eric and Mike McKnight were busy with life and working full time for the man. Eric worked for a manufacturing company designing inventory control systems and lived with his wife Mandy and their dog, Charlie. Mike worked for an engineering company administering CAD systems and implementing their document management system. Mike, single at the time, thought often of the love of his life, Kim, who he had dated in college. The two had lost touch.

At the same time, in a town nearby, Kim and her mom opened a used bookstore (shameless plug: Read It Again in Suwanee, GA). They set off in search of software to help make their business successful – despite others’ advice that “used bookstores don’t need software.” After searching far and wide, Kim discovered that no product met all of her needs. She knew of a guy, however, who knew a thing or two about building software.

Kim’s phone call to Mike was just the motivation he needed to branch out and start his own company. He enlisted the help of his brother Eric, and the two spent nights and weekends writing and designing Basil. Since formally opening Addico Solutions and launching Basil Bookseller Software in 2003, the product has grown exponentially into “The Complete Bookstore Solution” it is today.

And in case you were wondering, Mike and Kim were married in 2005 and have three kids and four dogs. Eric and Mandy have five children, and a new dog, Blue.